Rebecca Best
August 30, 2023

New rules on disposing of potentially, Hazardous Waste Wood

The Environment Agency issued a Regulatory Position Statement (RPS) which applies to hazardous waste wood removed from domestic premises, demolition sites and other business premises and undertakings.

The RPS 250 took effect from 1 August 2021 and will be withdrawn on the 1 September 2023. This means certain wood products cannot be disposed of without being assessed, in line with the guidance or even tested for hazardous properties.

The potentially hazardous waste wood items are: barge boards; external fascia’s; soffit boards; external joinery (wooden windows and conservatories); external doors; roof timbers; tiling and cladding battens; timber frames and joists from 1950 to 2007 buildings.

Any of the above mentioned items are no longer acceptable, and will be rejected, unless they have been tested and proved non-hazardous.

Listed below is a quick guide, from the Wood Recyclers Association, on potentially hazardous waste wood products, and acceptable materials.

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