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Rebecca Best
September 6, 2023

A hectic end to August last week after a major air traffic crisis led to disruptions for thousands of passengers across all UK airports. Bank Holiday Monday is one of the busiest travel days of the year. In just 71 seconds, a serious technical issue resulted in hundreds of flight cancellations. Although the fault was identified and fixed within a few hours, the damage had already been done. The days that followed saw the full extent of the damage, with more than a quarter of planned flights cancelled, and disruptions expected to last for several more days. This serves as an eye-opening example of what can go wrong due to a ‘technical glitch.’

Now, glitches can be unavoidable and do happen, although perhaps not quite to the extent of the UK’s airspace crisis. But, the important aspect for Site Solutions is how we handle these mishaps. The beauty of working with the Site Solutions team is our tailored, one-on-one service. This means our customers deal with the same person each time, without being passed around a busy office. The dedicated account manager will arrange everything, including advising on the best solution for the job, finding the best price in the requested location, booking services, managing admin, and handling delivery/collection. We can also provide waste reports upon request.

As with any service, from time to time, unforeseen events occur. A vehicle delivering a skip may break down, or heavy traffic on the motorway can lead to delays in getting hire equipment to the site. These issues, among many others, have happened and will continue to happen. It’s how we navigate such challenges that sets us apart from the rest. Our one-on-one service ensures that jobs are monitored from start to finish, and issues are highlighted and resolved on the spot—often without our customers ever needing to know.

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