Using a waste management company

Rebecca Best
April 13, 2023

Site Solutions are a waste management and site services business, operating nationwide. Services include skip hire, plant hire, hazardous waste disposal and contaminated soil treatment. Our philosophy is simple; give great customer service – every time.

We have an A-Z of accredited sub-contractors in all corners of the UK to cater to your requirements.

Ever used a waste management company? Let us tell you why you should use Site Solutions!

Some may have the idea that waste management companies are faceless call centres, where customers are batted from pillar to post. Whilst this is sometimes the case, this couldn’t be further from reality for the team at Site Solutions. We are a small, tight knit, friendly team who know a thing or two about waste!

So, lets delve into the benefits of using a Site Solutions:

  • Time saving: Managing waste can be very time consuming and complicated, depending on the type of project. Outsourcing this the will free up employee time so the focus can remain on your core business activities. Our team will do the running around, so you don’t have to!
  • A streamlined service: Spinning plates is where the team really gets to shine! A lot of our customers work on projects requiring more than one service, for example: a project on a construction site that requires a grab lorry, welfare units and a storage container. Site Solutions will arrange each service and at the end you will receive one invoice, even if more than one sub-contractor was used. We like to keep things simple.
  • We are the experts: The team eat, sleep and breathe waste and site services, so if you aren’t  sure exactly what you need, we can direct you to the right solution. We will tailor a service to meet exact requirements – troubleshooting is what we’re good at!
  • Cost savings: It’s no secret that going direct to a sub-contractor will be cheaper than using a waste management company to do it for you, but we add value and save money in complicated projects requiring lots of services or to businesses that do not have the resource to shop around, or sort out the niggles.
  • Legal Compliance: Waste comes with lots of rules, regulations and legal compliance, with new guidance added regularly. It is our job as waste experts to be on top of compliance and understand the correct disposal for all types of waste. It is because we are the experts that our customers don’t have to be! We will ensure waste that can be recycled will be and the correct disposal of waste that can’t. Site Solutions have it covered!
  • Peace of mind: Knowing that your waste is taken care of by a responsible business can provide complete peace of mind. With rules and regulations constantly being updated, our customers rest easy knowing this side of their business is taken care of.

To read about our values in action, take a look at some of our recent case studies.

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