Waste Management Options

Rebecca Best
August 23, 2023

Waste disposal is a complex and heavily regulated business. Fortunately our small team has the knowledge and expertise to adhere to customer requirements or steer in the right direction.

Hazardous or non-hazardous, Site Solutions are licensed to take care of just about any type of waste, whether it is a one off skip or ongoing waste solution. The team understands that deadlines and accurate timings are two of the most important factors when managing a project. We will put together a tailored and efficient service to support site managers so that waste management can be swiftly ticked off the list!

So, what waste management options are available?

We have a catalogue of options available to suit small, medium or large projects. 6 yd skips to 40 yd skips, including mini, midi and maxi skips, large skips, roll on roll off and enclosed skips:


Mini & Midi skips: Ideal for smaller waste loads, available in sizes 2, 3 and 4 yards.

Maxi or Builders skips: For larger commercial loads a builders skip is available in sizes 6 and 8 yard.

Large skips: Available in sizes 12 – 16 yards. Large skips have high sides making it ideal for bulky waste items.

RoRo: Roll on Roll off skips are available in two main types; sizes 15 – 20 yards and used for greater volumes of waste, particularly for heavy materials. Larger roll on roll off skips are used for larger volumes of light weight. Larger skips are not suitable for heavy materials.

Enclosed skips: A solution for the safe storage and disposal of larger volumes of waste. Waste types include general or recycling materials, heavy an bulky materials, inert and dry wastes. Enclosed skips are ideal for hazardous waste or when used in locations where security can be an issue whilst also protecting its contents from the elements. Fastenings are available for the option to lock if necessary.

Tippers & Grab Lorry Hire: For large scale waste removal, using  tipper truck or a grab lorry may be the best solution. Tippers are best suited to shifting large quantities of bulky waste which can be easily loaded into the tipper by a machine already on site. A grab lorry is better suited to projects where there is no facility for loading bulky wastes on site – the grab driver will load the waste for you. On average a grab lorry can hold up to 16 tonnes of waste and can be loaded over walls, hedges or around trees.

As well as finding the most practical and efficient solution, our team will advise on the best sustainable solution.

We are passionate about contributing to a greener future so our pledge is always to dispose of waste correctly; recycle, reuse or repurpose.

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