Hello Spring!

Rebecca Best
April 9, 2024

Spring, a time that symbolises life and new beginnings, out with the old in with the new! Site Solutions started our new beginnings early this year with the launch of our new website and service structure back in January. We have made it easier for customers, new and existing to understand our whole service package, lets refresh:

Waste Management Solutions: A solution for all types of waste, nationwide; Skip hire, grab lorry hire, wait & load.

Hire Solutions: A catalogue of equipment hire available from a full site set up to a single power tool.

Bulk Waste Solutions: Waste management solutions for all types of bulk waste; plasterboard, mixed waste, controlled waste, metal waste, textile resin waste etc.

Contaminated Soil Solutions: Contaminated soil treatment and restoration available nationwide.

Streamline your strategies

Spring is a good time to reassess ongoing strategies and processes and highlight any areas that can be streamlined. Such as a waste management strategy. The team at Site Solutions know too well the importance of a slick waste management program, waste quickly builds up and takes up valuable space on site, in a merchants yard or on a factory floor, waste needs to be pre-empted and a plan in place to remove and dispose as quickly as possible.

Site Solutions has a number of ongoing projects with customers who require permanent waste management, the dedicated account manager to the customer will organise a schedule of works to fit in with requirements and adapt throughout if needed. Having a tailored schedule in place and the flexibility to amend gives our customers peace of mind and time to continue with other things.

Our ongoing services extend across our hire and bulk waste categories of the business. The team will get to know customers, understand how they operate and advise on the most appropriate and efficient solution.

With the change in season prompting an influx in orders, we urge customers to get in touch early to avoid disappointment.

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