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We are proud that 100% of plasterboard we collect and manage is either recycled, reused or repurposed. Over time we have grown to be one of the largest handlers of plasterboard waste nationwide. Due to the volumes of plasterboard we handle, we are able to provide the most competitive rates in the market. All of the plasterboard waste we collect is either recycled for use in new board or used in agriculture.

Hundreds of tonnes of plasterboard waste disposal a week with a full transparent audit trail available to our customers.

Recycled plasterboard is widely used in the construction, manufacturing and agricultural industries, and here’s how:

New Plasterboard

During the recycling process, gypsum powder is recovered and used as raw material to manufacture new plasterboard


Gypsum controls the setting of cement, without it, cement would set much quicker after water is mixed, making it harder to work with.

Used in Soil

Gypsum contains hydrated calcium sulphate which has a positive impact on plant nutrients. Research for agricultural uses suggest as the growth of potatoes and mushrooms benefit the most.


Fermacell is multi-purpose, high performance building fibre gypsum board composed entirely of recycled materials and produces zero waste when used. Invented in 1888 and manufactured for use in the 1970’s with a life expectancy of around 50+ years.

​A common characteristic is that no two boards look identical. Due to its recycled material properties the overall look of the board varies from one to the next. Owing to its versatile properties, Fermacell is used extensively on floor and ceiling projects, external cladding as well as standard wall applications.

Recycling via Site Solutions is available in small quantities mixed with normal plasterboard waste.

Our priority is to provide an efficient and cost effective solution. We provide a simple ‘easy to use’ service, we are 100% compliant with the current Environmental Agency regulations and 100% of waste that we manage is recycled.


Since 2009, in line with the Landfill Directive, the Environment Agency announced an important update to the safe disposal of gypsum based waste. The guidance of allowing up to 10% of gypsum waste to be mixed with other waste and sent to landfill was made obsolete. Moving forward 100% of gypsum waste must be separated and either recycled, reused or disposed of adhering to the new regulations.

​Gypsum is the raw material in plasterboard. Although classed as non-hazardous, if mixed with biodegradable waste, the gas produced can cause substantial human health side effects.

The updated regulations apply to all waste containing gypsum based materials such as:


Thermal laminates
Ceiling tiles
Thermal laminates


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