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Site Solutions (BW) Limited, Formerly Alfred Business Consultancy.

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Who we are

Site Solutions (BW) Limited, formerly Alfred Business Consultancy, is a sister company to Site Solutions (FM) Ltd, originally specializing in plasterboard waste.

Although our initial offering was plasterboard collection and recycling for waste transfer stations, we are now happy to look at routes for all types of bulk wastes – from egg shells to ink sludges and from POP’s to textile resin composites.  Whatever waste you have organic, inorganic, mixed, hazardous – give us a call and we will turn over every stone to find a home for it!

EWC Codes

Below are a list of codes, Site Solutions are specifically looking to have a dicussion about the following waste types: 

Waste Code:


20 03 01                                 

20 03 07                               

04 02 09

                                              19 12 12                                    

Mixed municipal waste                                                                                                                                                             

Bulky waste (particularly furniture containing Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs))                                                   

Wastes from composite materials (impregnated textile, elastomer, plastomer) (particularly carbon fibre & fibre glass)

Other wastes (including mixtures of materials) from mechanical treatment of wastes other than those mentioned in 19 12 11 (particularly trommel fines)

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