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Rebecca Best
April 17, 2024

Our new Case Study Portfolio is now on the website!

Site Solutions partners with businesses across various industries, tackling a diverse array of projects. Whether it’s up North, down South, or somewhere in between, each project has a tailored solution package to precisely meet its requirements.

Specialising in four key areas—waste management, bulk waste management, equipment hire, and contaminated soil. As a small team, we have experts in each area, and where customers require services from different areas of the business, the team work together to find the solution.

We have collated some examples of current and previous projects to highlight how we work and how we can help other businesses.

In brief:

  • Troubleshooting equipment hire requirements for a customer who was unsure exactly of what was needed to complete a task.
  • Effectively managing a tight waste management schedule, adhering to specific delivery and collection windows.
  • Creating and managing a sustainable solution with a chain of national builders merchants on an ongoing wood recycling project. Wooden pallets are regularly collected and either recycled, reused or repurposed for future use.
  • Managing the correct disposal of flood damaged confidential waste, working alongside one of our main Insurance customers. Given the sensitive nature of the waste, our team devised a tailored solution that complies with the Data Protection Act.
  • Partnered with a customer on a project involving a large scale fuel spill. Site Solutions managed the extraction, testing and cleanup phases of the project, arranging the removal of over 1300 tonnes of soil and new soil sourced via a local farm to backfill.

To read the case studies listed above in full, click here, Or, to have a chat with team to find out how we can help you, get in touch today.

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